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Providing a fair game is a combination of a provable random number generator (dice) and a verifiable winnings table (deck). Many Bitcoin games offer a provably fair dice but lack a way to verify the fairness of the deck, which ultimately determines the house edge in many games. We guarantee that every round played is completely fair. For every round played, you will be given a completely random number which is translated to your final result using a publicly available and verifiable winnings table. Instead of just taking our word for it, we provide you with the information you can use to verify the results independently.

Verifiable dice

For each round the random number is generated using a seed the server chooses before the game and a seed provided by the client that the server has no way of knowing beforehand. To ensure the previously selected server seed was used, the server provides a hash of the server seed to the client before each game. The server seed is revealed after the game and the hash of the revealed server seed has to match the one provided before the game.

Verifiable deck

At the start of each session we reveal the winnings table to you. The winnings table is hashed and the hash is used in the generation of the random number together with the server and client seeds. The winnings table data is provided in JSON format and can be verified manually to match the hash used in the game. For a more technical explanation, click the provably fair logo and details tab, in any of the Chain Games.


With these technologies we are proud to offer a provably fair random number generation and verifiable house edge.
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